Comprehensive Tesla Model 3 Delivery Checklist

This comprehensive checklist aims to provide a detailed overview of what to look for and ask about during your Tesla Model 3 delivery. It will help ensure that you are fully informed about your vehicle's condition, features, and maintenance requirements. 

Pre-Delivery Preparation

  1. Insurance and Financing: Confirm all paperwork is in order for insurance coverage and financing, if applicable.
  2. Charging Setup at Home: Ensure your home charging station or outlet is ready for use.
  3. Tesla Account: Set up your Tesla account and familiarize yourself with the app features.

Exterior Inspection

  1. Roof and Sunroof (if applicable): Check for proper sealing and no gaps.
  2. Charging Flap: Test the functionality and fit.
  3. Underbody: No visible damage or loose parts.
  4. Badging and Emblems: Properly attached and aligned.

Interior Inspection

  1. Steering Wheel: Check for functionality (including tilt and telescopic adjustments) and condition.
  2. Instrument Panel: Verify all indicators and lights function as intended during startup.
  3. Seat Belts: Test all seat belts for proper operation and condition.
  4. Rear Seats: Ensure they are securely fastened and fold down smoothly, if applicable.
  5. Trunk and Frunk: Inspect the lining, seals, and operation of latches.

Functional Checks

  1. Autopilot Hardware: Confirm that all cameras and sensors are unobstructed and clean.
  2. Sound System: Test all speakers for clarity and proper functioning.
  3. Voice Recognition System: Test its responsiveness to commands.
  4. USB and Power Ports: Check all ports for functionality.

Software and Connectivity

  1. User Profiles: Set up and test driving profiles.
  2. Tesla App Features: Test remote features like climate control, location tracking, and vehicle status.
  3. Data Connection: Check LTE/Wi-Fi signal strength and connectivity.

Charging Equipment

  1. Home Charging Instruction: If new to EVs, request a demonstration of how to charge at home.
  2. Supercharger Briefing: Understand how to locate and use Tesla Superchargers.

Documentation and Final Checks

  1. Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Sheet: Review the PDI sheet completed by Tesla.
  2. Final Inspection Sign-off: Make a note of any issues and ensure they are acknowledged in writing.

Demonstration and Q&A

  1. Safety Features: Request a demonstration of emergency features like hazard lights and emergency brake.
  2. Maintenance Tips: Ask about basic maintenance and care for your Tesla.


  1. Checklist Review: Go over this checklist again after a few days to ensure nothing was missed.
  2. Follow-up Appointment: Schedule any necessary follow-up appointments for unresolved issues.

Additional Tips

  1. Photographic Documentation: Take photos of your vehicle at the time of delivery for future reference.
  2. Familiarize with Local Laws: Understand EV-specific regulations in your area (e.g., HOV lane access, charging station rules).
tesla 3 delivery checklist

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